The “russian tank technique” for becoming stupidly successful in all areas of life

I was chatting with my Russian buddy about my recent exploits in the mating game and received some nice compliments:


“You are my hero. I learn many things from you. Sometimes what to do. But most times, what NOT to do.”

Me: Thank you. Wait, what?

“You have the confidence of Russian tank.”

Me: Ok. That’s good, I guess.

“Yes, very good. Russian tanks are stupidly confident.”

Me: Uhhh… I have to go now.


I mentioned last week how “speaking with certainty” is the key to the Mindvana Lite process. And today we’re going to expand on this a bit.

Because when it comes to making women attracted to you, acting stupidly confident is the smartest thing you can do.

Our brains seem to be easily tricked by confidence. When someone sounds incredibly sure of what they’re saying, we’re more likely to accept whatever they say as truth (even when logic tells us otherwise).

Women are especially vulnerable to this quirk in human nature.

I guess it goes back to our primitive biology, when women had to link up with the strongest men in order to survive and pass on their genes.

The man who demonstrates certainty in everything he says and does is demonstrating one of the most attractive male traits there is – one that can more than make up for shortcomings in other areas.

And while most guys have heard this explained before, my question to you is:

Have you ever TRULY demonstrated it?

When you speak to a beautiful girl, do you telegraph absolute relaxation and comfort (like you’ve done this a million times) along with the sense of certainty that you’re a charming and sexy specimen of toxic masculinity?

When you do so, you’ll be demonstrating a calmness in the face of challenging social situations, along with an unwavering belief that you’re WORTHY of a woman’s attention and affection.

This is the secret sauce that creates attraction. It’s all about confidence.

And confidence is just a feeling that you’ll perform well in a particular situation. When you believe this, you won’t be stressing about what may or may not happen – you’ll simply be relaxed and focused on the present moment.

In this way, confidence is more about relaxation and presence than anything else.

“Delusional” (or “stupid”) confidence is a sense of certainty that’s not rooted in factual reality. Like rolling up on a supermodel with a massive sense of entitlement (even though the last 20 girls rejected you and you still haven’t lost your virginity).

Guess what? It works. And you can tap into this mindset whenever you want.

You’ll see me do this over and over in the Mindvana videos, where I hop into my Russian tank and keep moving the girls in the direction I want them to go, no matter how many obstacles get in my way.

You can learn a ton from my screw-ups and “failures,” which is why I kept them in the final product.

You’ll also see how I maintain an unwavering sense of confidence (both in myself and the process) even when I’m not getting the results I want. Many times, just hanging in there is all you need to do to reach the finish line.

This sense of certainty (i.e., the belief that everything will eventually work out) will open many doors for you in life, including many bedroom doors.

And you can pick up your master key right here:

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