The model-magnet mindset of an old, ugly bastard

One of the keys to massive success with beautiful girls is making peace with all of your insecurities.

Just accept them all. And then keep your attention elsewhere.

Your insecurities will only become an issue when you focus on them and give them your mental energy.

An exercise I practice often is:

“How would I feel if I were a 6’4, jacked, handsome, wealthy celebrity with 15 girls waiting for me in my bed? And if I was this guy, how would I be acting right now?”

And then I act just like that.

You also need to be completely comfortable with things not going your way.

Even guys on this level don’t always get the girls they want. They also have trouble keeping the girls they already have.

Girls are gonna “silly bugger” you all day long, no matter how much status you’ve achieved.

And your only defense to their nonsense is acting like nothing phases you and refusing, even for a second, to act like you’re not worthy or deserving of their attention and affection.

Insecurity leads to jealousy and reactivity which cripples your attractiveness. You’re much better off acting like you’re God’s gift to women.

I learned the power of this many years ago through watching a friend pick up models on the daily on the streets of NYC.

He was short, bald, and goofy looking, and he spoke with a heavy accent and a high-pitched voice.

He was far from what you’d consider to be “handsome,” yet the hottest girls would instantly be all over him.

Sure, he had a mesmerizing level of charm from being a genetic psychopath, but still. lol

The point is, he taught me that looks matter much less than you think when you have everything else on point.

And for years, I was focusing in the wrong place, scrutinizing his words and body language in the hopes that I would uncover the secret sauce.

But I eventually figured out that it was his overwhelming sense of certainty and entitlement that delivered the results.

If you have issues that can be worked out (like some extra weight or financial problems), then do your best to improve your situation as best you can. You should always be striving to better yourself in all areas.

But for things that can’t be controlled, just hypnotize yourself into believing they don’t matter. Because I can assure you that many beautiful girls couldn’t care less about them.

Unless, of course, you’re short, like me. In that case, you’re pretty much doomed to a life of celibacy.

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