The toxicological toxicity of toxic masculinity

One of our members royally infuriated me today while responding to yesterday’s “dog training” email…


“Jay, Another great & thought provoking email. Here are a few thoughts of my own on my journey as a man…

It’s interesting what you say about women secretly wanting to be controlled & dominated. So many of them are in denial about their own very private needs & prefer to display their nice girl exterior & then out of the blue they allow themselves to be completely taken by an alpha male. I often used to ask myself how that could happen.

But if we flip this over, how many of us men have been in denial with our own masculinity? We are bombarded by society’s norms, values & “rules” about political correctness, warned about toxic masculinity and actively encouraged to be in touch with our feminine side. We are constantly on guard about how we behave, our conversations, emails, texts and the tone of our jokes.

No wonder so many of us struggle with our own identity as men and often suppress our inner feelings and powerful desires as we battle with the strong pull from polar opposite directions by both society at one end and our own masculine drive at the other.

I think this is why I still had a very small twinge of guilt for signing up for the Mindvana course as it gives men such an unfair advantage over their women. I can also appreciate how the launch of the “Soul Locking Protocol” can come across as a little too abusive as expressed by one of your other members this past week.

However during the course of the last few days, I have been asking myself some serious questions about where this guilt comes from and who gets to decide on how I treat my own woman. Do I allow society to dictate or at least influence how I relate to her or do I take complete charge and drive the relationship wherever I want.

I have come to the conclusion that the outside world has absolutely NO say on what happens in our relationship. I have become totally at one with my own masculinity and my aggressive drive to win, overcome, lead, dominate and dictate the rules. Also lurking deep down within my balls is that age old primal male desire to CONQUER and in this particular case to conquer my girl. No excuses! No apologies!

Do I really want her to be helplessly in love and obsessed with me? YES
Do I really want to own her? YES
Do I want her unconditional surrender? YES
Do I want her to be ready & willing to serve & satisfy me whenever and however I choose? YES
Do I want her to be addicted to my presence? YES
Do I want her to treat me as her King? YES

So as you can see I am now fully at ease with the “Soul Locking Protocol”. Thanks Jay for your emails & detailed explanations on the Mindvana course helping steer my own thoughts and to view my own relationship from the angle of a brutally honest red-blooded man” – Rod


Great comments. Just one quick correction: “The Mindvana course gives men such an unfair advantage over their women” should read: “Mindvana gives men such an unfair advantage over other MEN who might try steal their woman away.”

You don’t need an advantage over your girl because you’re both on the same team, and the last thing she wants to do is battle you for control. What she wants is for you to LEAD so she can feel safe submitting to your dominance and direction.

Regarding the rest of Rod’s comment, I get incredibly upset whenever I think about the younger dudes who end up brainwashed by this feminist horsesh*t.

15 years ago, I would have laughed at these clueless dudes while thinking, “Tee-hee…. more pus*sy for me!”

But back then I was an immature idiot who thought life was a zero-sum game and didn’t realize that we’re all in this together.

We don’t need others to fail for us to succeed. As men, we should be sticking together and lifting each other up. And a big part of this is protecting each other from the onslaught of toxic programming (aka: negative hypnosis) that’s been infecting our once beautiful communities.

Older dudes (like myself) who have been around the block can spot this nonsense for what it is.

Simply put, one of the fastest ways to dismantle a society is by weakening the men and turning their women against them. After completing this step, you can easily walk right in and tear down everything that’s in your way.

And to weaken men, you start by crushing their positive, useful beliefs and mindsets and replace them with disempowering ones (while doing the same to their women).

Enter “feminism” and the evils its birthed, like “toxic masculinity.”

This term is garbage word-salad that attempts to negatively label an integral part of a man’s essence. In NLP/hypnosis terms, this is called “reframing.”

As in, “X doesn’t mean X. X really means Y, and here’s why…”

And since any belief or concept can easily be reframed/reprogrammed (provided you can get the subject to accept the updated belief), relabeling healthy masculine qualities and inclinations as “bad” or “toxic” is a rather simple process.

You just need a few examples of negative things men have done throughout history (murders, rapes, dried urine on toilet seats), a few counter examples of how men SHOULD act instead, and a list of suggested behaviors that will help “cure” them of the unfortunate affliction of “toxic masculinity.”

You can speed things up by implementing the authority principle, where you use public figures, who are perceived as honest and intelligent (like, ahem, politicians, newscasters, and college professors lol), to disseminate your talking points. You should also use the principle of repetition to ensure that your new programming eventually takes root.

With enough authority figures repeating your viewpoints over sustained periods of time, you can cause even highly intelligent and self-aware individuals to start second-guessing their beliefs.

And that’s how it’s done, in a nutshell. The toxic masculinity nonsense is just more of the same cultural brainwashing (again, “negative hypnosis”) that’s used to keep men weak, subservient, isolated from each other, and ripe to be conquered.

(The “system” also uses po*rn, garbage food, mindless tv shows and music, social media, an 80-hour workweek, and I can go on and on…)

I want to stress just how easy it is to relabel ANYTHING as “bad,” since we live in a dualistic universe. In other words, you can find the bad in anything and everything if you look hard enough.

For example, the last time I fell off the roof of a building while tripping balls on shrooms, I felt the need to type up a 40 page dissertation on the effects of “toxic gravity” and inform the entire world that it’s hiding in the shadows, waiting to tear apart everything we hold dear.

(Mini-rant within a rant: Let’s see what else we can find… Have you ever wondered why nothing is ever written about “toxic femininity?” I sometimes ponder how western women can have more power than ever before in history, yet still complain about a lack of equality. And when females want to exert power over toxic men, why do they always enlist the help of equally-toxic male cops, lawyers, and judges to do so? It almost seems like the system is set up to encourage women to harm the lives of their husbands and children, without recourse, whenever they may feel like it. Hmmm… might it be possible that all 15 genders are equally toxic?)

Fun fact: Lesbian couples experience even higher rates of domestic violence than straight couples and even gay male couples. Something really needs to be done about these toxic lesbos. lol

Let’s get back on track…

Masculinity and the masculine drive are responsible for building everything in our society that we know and love. But, since I’m a hypnotist (who’s prone to repeating himself), I’ll once again state that the psychopaths behind the curtain can’t institute sweeping global changes until that creative force is neutralized and under control.

But enough about all that. What you need to focus on is simply this:

When you fully accept yourself (flaws and all) and refuse to apologize for your natural desires and God-given right to have a successful, fulfilling life, then you’ll be able to tap in to the most powerful force in the universe.

So here’s your suggested next step…

Even though you’re constantly being exposed to this horsesh*t rhetoric from all angles, realize that none of it has to get a foothold inside your mind. Yes, there’s a battle going on for your psyche, but there’s a way to protect yourself.

And you can do so by continuously examining your beliefs and consciously updating them, whenever necessary.

Having an understanding of the tactics being used against you (such as hypnotic language patterns and belief change techniques) will often be enough to inoculate you from these trojan mind viruses.

And one belief that will serve you throughout all of your interactions with women is this one:

Women are ALWAYS sizing you up on a se-xual level, since that’s how they’re wired to interact with men.

Guys who are perceived as more attractive will almost always get better treatment (in their relationships, in the workplace, and everywhere else), while the less attractive dudes get the shaft.

Secondly, when you know for a fact that you can give a woman an amazing sexual experience, you’ll be exuding a level of confidence that ALL women have a finely-tuned radar for. And once they sense this about you, they also realize that you’re an incredibly attractive man who’s worth competing for.

Contrary to what the bitter feminists want you to believe, the sexiest girls all gravitate to the most “unapologetically toxically masculine” men they can find.

And yes, my “Loving Obsession Protocol” will teach you the exact se-xual skill-set that makes you radiate the powerful sense of confidence and conviction that all women are not-so-secretly looking for.

And while knowing how to own a woman’s heart, mind, and soul is vitally important, it’s even more important to fully embrace your masculinity and all the amazing characteristics your creator gifted you with.

If you disown any part of yourself, then you’ll be giving away a massive amount of your power to those who wish to influence you and, in many cases, ENSLAVE you.

If you choose to live as a slave, then you’ll never be able to give a woman what she’s aching for…

…which is the opportunity to happily ENSLAVE HERSELF and pledge her undying fealty to her one true king.

So, if you’re ready to fully embrace the most toxic aspects of your masculine se-xuality, then you’ll want to grab my Loving Obsession Protocol before the price jumps WAAAAY up at 11:59 pm this evening.

You can click the link below to see if this is right for you, but be forewarned…

If someone crossed a blowfish with a gaboon viper and forced your inner “nice guy” to drink a gallon of its venom…

…he’d still have a better chance of survival than if he was exposed to the extreme toxicity of the Loving Obsession Protocol.

Shockingly enough, there ain’t no antidote that can save him; you’ll have to be willing to kill off your old faulty programming and prepare to be reborn anew.

You’ll thank me later. Pinky swear.

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