The end of LOVE looks like the beginning of WAR

I can’t remember where I first heard this quote, but it’s something that every guy who’s suffered through a rough breakup is all too familiar with (myself included).

I still remember the crippling pain of getting dumped by my first serious girlfriend (while I was battling a severe illness) and how it completely leveled me. After I pulled through, I spent many years of my life looking for ways to avoid having to feel that way ever again.

It’s funny how this was the event that started my journey of personal development (and led me to my first hypnosis workshop back in ’97.) And I learned so much along the way that I eventually figured out how to avoid the debilitating pain I was so afraid of.

At least, that’s what I thought when I compiled my discoveries into my first book, “Get Your Girl Back.” While much of that material still rings true, as I look back on it, I realize that my focus was in the wrong place entirely.

I was fixated on doing everything “right” so I could avoid “messing up” and losing a girl’s interest. I also needed to have a huge collection of tactics to help me “convince” a girl to take me back after a breakup.

And even though these strategies do work more often than not, they were always just a band-aid solution, since they came from a place of reactivity and neediness.

Not the most attractive qualities, I can tell you that.

As you start developing as a man, you should move away from a mental framework of reactivity and fear by working to improve yourself in all areas. Over time, this helps you become open to believing that any woman would be lucky to have you.

As you start seeing real-world evidence that backs up this belief, it starts to solidify.

And once your new belief is solid, that’s when your reality starts to change, like presto magic.

But it’s not enough to believe that you deserve an amazing woman. You also need to display FEARLESSNESS in the face of potential danger.

And part of this involves EMBRACING whatever emotional pain might come your way, instead of hiding from it (or numbing it with drugs or alcohol).

(The fear will still be there, but you’ll force yourself to act from a place of courage. And, eventually, you realize that it’s YOUR THOUGHTS that are at the root of the pain. Change your thinking, and the pain quickly melts away.)

Once you’re no longer afraid of emotional discomfort, you can focus on giving women love from a place of contentedness, where you no longer need a woman’s interest, affection, or approval in order to feel good about yourself.

You’ll also be able to pull back (or completely walk away) when you’re not getting your needs met, which is how you’ll demonstrate the complete opposite of neediness. And no matter what happens, your girl will continue to respect you for not letting her walk all over you.

And while I wouldn’t necessarily call this a “tactic,” maintaining a woman’s respect, at all costs, is one of the most important things you can do to prevent a major relationship disaster (and a potential divorce raping).

When a girl loses respect for you, it’s almost like a switch gets flipped in her brain that compels her to start treating you like absolute garbage. All of her suppressed rage comes to the surface as she starts raining down blows on all that was once good in your life. (I’m sure this frightening phenomenon was the inspiration behind “Jekyll and Hyde”).

But this personality flip-flopping rarely happens when you’re the best lover they’ve ever had.

Because when you become this guy, they’ll continue to respect you throughout all the ups and downs (and in many cases, continue to love you forever). Even if they become furious with you (and they occasionally will), their respect for you rarely disappears.

This is the best way I know off to prevent many of the malicious and vindictive female behaviors that surface during a breakup. (They tend to remain on their best behavior after you part ways because, among other reasons, they secretly hope you’ll invite them back to bed, one day.)

Having said all that, I’d never advise guys to focus all their energy on AVOIDING future relationship problems; it’s much better to assume everything is going to be fine and put your attention on having great experiences with your girl.

And frequently giving her mind-blowing se-x keeps her happy, satisfied, and eager to make your life better in every way.

But, as I mentioned, one nice side effect of learning my new “Loving Obsession Protocol” is the minimal chance of having to suffer through a debilitating breakup (or an extended, soul-crushing courtroom battle).

When you’re delivering the bedroom goods, a woman will forgive you for almost anything. It’s the best “get out of jail free” card that’s ever been invented.

Think about it… Where else is she going to get the feelings she’s now addicted to? Who can she possibly replace you with? Your presence in her life becomes literally priceless.

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The “unorthodox” technique I learned from an Orthodox (and extremely unattractive) Jewish man, that compels a woman to see you as a rock star, even if you’re ugly, bald, talentless, and don’t deserve a lick of her attention!

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