How to become the Cesar Milan of Se-xual Hypnosis

I recently came across an anonymous Reddit post which illustrates a very important point about female se-xuality that most guys will never understand:


Post title: My boyfriend is training a dog that shares my name. It turns me on so much

“David (not his real name) and I have been going out for about a year now and things have been going pretty well. He works as a professional dog trainer; people bring him their dogs that they don’t have the time or inclination to train and he does it for them.

About a week ago he took a client whose dog has the same name as me. I didn’t really notice until we met up for lunch and he was talking about Molly (name changed to preserve my dignity) misbehaving at work. I got curious and started asking him questions. He talked about how she was having issues being rough with other dogs and described how he’d discipline her if she misbehaved and reward her when she did well.

I started to get turned on hearing about it, something about it being my name and listening to him detail how to change her behavior. I think I started blushing because he asked me if I was OK and I brushed it off.

I found I’ve been going to his work more often and trying to watch while he’s training Molly. There’s something about watching him snap his fingers and shout my name in that commanding tone of voice that just makes me weak in the knees. At one point yesterday, he knelt down and started scratching her ears saying “Good girl Molly, good girl!” and I just about lost it.

I went home and mas-turbated to this, thinking about what if it was me he was training. Telling me to sit, heel, petting my head and saying “good girl”, even walking me around on a leash. Fu*k, I came so hard. The next time we had se-x it was all I could think about. We’ve never really played around with BDSM or anything like that but I’ve hinted at it a couple times.

I don’t know if I can tell him about it because it’s super embarrassing but I kind of really want him to treat me like that.”


Hmmm…. Giving commands in a commanding tone, changing behaviors, finger snapping, saying “good girl” repeatedly…

Sounds an awful lot like Mindvana.

And even if this story is completely made up, it sheds light on a VERY REAL element of female sexuality.

Since the dawn of time, women have enjoyed being “controlled” and “disciplined” in the bedroom. And no matter how loudly a dingbat feminist may screech in public, when you get her behind closed doors, she’ll honestly admit how much she secretly desires to SUBMIT.

And if you aren’t making the women you date submit to you on every level, then you shouldn’t be surprised when you’re eventually dumped for a more dominant man.

But this can easily be avoided once you stop acting like an “average” guy.

Most guys act like pushovers (instead of leaders) in their relationships and say ridiculous things like “my wife is the BOSS,” which women read as “he doesn’t have what it takes to give me what I’m secretly craving.”

As strong as this female desire is, women are hardwired to only submit to men who give off the correct signals. They can sniff out whether or not a man has the ability to make them feel OWNED in the bedroom.

So you’d better make sure you pass the sniff test.

As the fabled Doctor Poonslayer often says: “If you don’t train them, control them, and own them in the bedroom, they’ll never truly love you. I hate it and wish it wasn’t the case, but that’s just how it is.”

Or as Oscar Gamble would say…

“They don’t think it be like it is. But it do.”

Sage advice from these two wise wizards.

And if you’re ready to wield your own wizardly powers and start se-xually enslaving dozens of disobedient, desperate-for-discipline dime pieces who are starved for a dominant male presence in the bedroom….

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